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Our system has the capability for growing a wide range of diverse crops. From leafy greens like spinach and lettuce to berries and herbs we aren’t boxed in by traditional growing seasons.

Subscription Farming*

Want fresh produce delivered to your door? You can rent space in our aero units and tell us what you want to have grown in them! We work with you to develop a plan of action for how much produce you want, and what varieties. Contact us for more information.

* Available in certain areas.

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Current Development

Our current CEHRF system consists of a pump station that provides nutrients and water to up to 12 aeroponic units. Our aeroponic units are units are contained in racks with 2 units per level, currently 2 levels per rack.

Industrial Equipment Services

Have an existing system that needs servicing? Contact us for a quote.

Commercial Units for Sale*

Our starter set consists of 1 half rack (2ft x 4 ft) and 1 unit and is designed for potential expansion of a second level for 2 units total.

* Available in certain areas.

CEHRF Design Services

Have a concept you are looking into? We are eager to work with you and design to your needs.

Purchase Equipment

If you would like assistance designing a system for your grow space, send us a note! We're happy to help.


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